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Blue Diamond Almond Breeze

June 10, 2011

For my first post I thought I’d review something that is guaranteed to be on my weekly shopping list, almond milk. Now, I have tried many different types of almond milk (I’ve even made my own) and I have to say that Almond Breeze Vanilla is by far my favorite. Compared to other common milk alternatives Almond Breeze always manages to fall somewhere in the middle when it comes to price, less expensive than rice milk yet slightly more than soy. Almond Breeze is typically $4 for a half gallon at most stores but you can certainly find it cheaper elsewhere ( Fresh&Easy).

Up until a year ago I had never touched the stuff. Was I turned off by it? Grossed out? Not really. Was I scared? Maybe a little, but mostly for fear of breaking out into hives. Yes, my almond aversion stemmed from the irrational assumption that I was terribly allergic to the little wonder nuts. This obviously turned out to be untrue but, you know, thanks for the lost years anyway, doctor.

Most of you are probably familiar with this stuff and if you’re anything like us it’s a staple in your fridge. Those who aren’t (due to lack of interest or an imaginary nut allergy) can expect to be pleasantly surprised. Almond Breeze has a great creaminess that plays well with its subtle almond flavor. It’s decent in coffee, great in cereal, and goes incredibly well with your favorite vegan cookies. On its own Almond Breeze is surprisingly sweet, perhaps too sweet for some. Luckily for those some, Blue Diamond offers unsweetened varieties of each flavor (original, vanilla, and chocolate) at 50 calories less per serving. So what’s the verdict? This stuff is, simply put, amazing.

Price: $2.99
Place: Fresh&Easy
Score: 5/5

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