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News: Earth Balance takes on mayo

June 13, 2011

Watch out Follow Your Heart! There’s a new mayo sheriff in town. A younger, slightly more attractive sheriff with a charming smile. Does he have a quicker draw? I don’t know, its mayonnaise for god sakes. This comparison hardly held water to begin with.

Popular vegan spread, Earth Balance, recently released a line of non-GMO dairy free mayo. MindfulMayo™ has hit stores and Earth Balance fans are excited. Will this new sandwich spread live up to the expectations that other Earth Balance products have set? More importantly, how will it compare to the already very well received Vegenaise? Only time will tell. Expect MindfulMayo™ to make an appearance in a review soon, depending on whether or not this stuff has hit Southern California yet.

Speaking of new Earth Balance products, have you heard of their organic coconut spread? Coconuts have been making a big splash in vegan products lately, I’m definitely seeing a food trend here. I personally approve of this fad. As we all know, too much processed soy is never a good thing. Coconut provides a much needed break from the same old substitute routine, I welcome it with open arms. As does my boyfriend, who I see has been eating lots of coconut yogurt as of late.

What a trend tracking hipster.

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